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What is Brittany's Butters?

     I learned how to make butter sauces when I was a restaurant chef back in the days of comfort food. I took that skill and created these very unique butter sauces that are Brittany's Butters. Unlike a compound butter, or a "flavored" butter that you would cook with - Brittany's Butters are finishing butters. They are made with ingredients that are fully cooked in a reduction sauce that is then infused with softened butter. All you do is let Brittany's Butters melt on your favorite foods or dishes. Brittany's Butters can also be enjoyed as a spread on crackers, breads, or anything that caters to your love for butter!


     All of our Brittany's Butters are packaged and sold frozen for convenience and maximum quality. Thaw the tubs or butter buttons ahead of time for ease of use or put a frozen butter button on hot food and watch the magic! You can re-freeze any unused butter in a sealed container for future use. 

     Come join me (and maybe Brittany too) at one of our butter demonstrations to see what it is all about. We look forward to seeing you!!

- Don

Single Tub.jpg

8 ounce tubs

The 8 ounce tubs are great if you need a larger amount of butter sauce for certain dishes, or to put out with crackers as a spread.


Homemade from scratch

All of our butter finishing sauces are made from scratch in our kitchen. All the ingredients are real, including the salted butter we use which is naturally preserved.


1/2 ounce butter buttons

These1/2 ounce butter buttons are the game changer. If you are trying to keep track of the butter portion of your diet, then these butter buttons are perfect!

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